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Powered by Ghost

This blog is powered by a piece of open source software called Ghost. In this post, I talk about how the experience is for a first time user & what my future plans for Ghost are, related to my blog.
Powered by Ghost

This blog is powered by a software called Ghost. It's a platform that I first discovered a couple of years ago and found to be pretty cool, but not yet developed enough to merit building on. Fast forward a couple of years & I took another look at it; this time – I decided – I would give it a go.

The tech stack

I chose to put Ghost on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 instance, without any fancy configuration. It's not highly available, it doesn't make use of an external database, and there isn't any load balancer or other advanced setup going on behind the scenes. It's running on a vanilla Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server using a MySQL database, & nginx to serve requests.

The experience

So far, I've got no complaints about the tech stack or the software itself. It's the first time I've ever used Ghost and I find the experience to be relatively simple and straightforward. There aren't really any crazy advanced config options on the admin side and there are a plethora of themes out there to make it your own. That said, I've read that Ghost is extremely powerful & my initial research suggests that this is indeed the case for the current version of the platform. Just find, download, upload, and activate. Overall, I'm pretty happy thus far.

The future of this blog

I surmise that I'll probably build a custom theme for Ghost that draws design cues from my personal website, nbent.ly. I may even develop some integrations or experiment with some paywalled posts for tutorials and the like. Who knows. This is the wild west.

I'm Nick Bentley – message me on Twitter and check out my website.

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